Partnerships for Water Safety–Together We Can Save Lives! Laura Thomas on 07/18/2011

Partnerships for Water Safety–Together We Can Save Lives!

Laura Thomas on 07/18/2011

The Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation has always remained open armed to all those who want to help in our water safety efforts. We believe that collaboration is key in spreading awareness to drowning prevention and water safety to as many children and adults as possible. From individuals, to families, to nonprofits, for profit businesses, civic organizations, churches, day cares, schools, community centers, universities, parks and recreation–we have had the pleasure of working with many people to impact our communities with drowning prevention awareness campaigns & water safety educational programs.

With a strong partnership with Rotary International, thousands of children have been taught water safety education with Josh the Otter. Currently, we have Rotary clubs in six states already committed to the program for next Spring-Washington, Louisiana, New Jersey, Nebraska, Florida, Arizona & California. Many more are interested in our program & seeking more information. The Rotarians’ enthusiasm and dedication to our program is humbling & inspirational.

Furthermore, we are partnering with YMCAs locally and around the country to promote infant & toddler water training courses. Our local Lincoln YMCA Float 4 Life program has reached over 900 children in the last two years with these life saving skills. The YMCAs in Omaha have currently joined on board & many more YMCAs are working with us to learn about our program. The Salvation Army, along with its Kroc Center, has teamed up with us to build their own Float 4 Life program & also distribute our Josh the Otter Water Safety educational materials to the children they serve. Over 16,000 Josh the Otter Activity sheets will be put into backpacks that will be distributed to children as the 2011-2012 school year commences in Omaha.

Sponsorships are also playing a very significant role for our foundation as well. With our goal to provide free water safety educational materials to children across the country and world, we have a great need for local businesses helping in these efforts. Currently, we have many local business sponsors that have really been great supporters for our cause. From our wonderful event sponsors, such as Lexus of Lincoln, to one of our new sponsors, Advanced Aesthetics, who is donating $500 of tuition from each of their new enrollees this month, we are able to expand our capacity building efforts. Crazy Cracker Fireworks donated $8,000.00 of its profits to the foundation from its Millard fireworks stand. The money will be spent locally reaching children in the Omaha Metro with the Josh the Otter program and materials. In Lincoln, Ne, owners of Active Life Family Chiropractic viewed our billboard & contacted us to let us know they have chosen us to be their sponsored nonprofit for the year. Each of these wonderful organizations will help us reach thousands of children to teach them a lesson that could ultimately save their life.

With wonderful local, regional and national partnerships, we are able to see a strong community of activists fighting to keep children safe in and around water. As drowning remains a leading cause of unintentional injury death for children and adults around the world, we will remain absolutely committed to creating positive changes towards water safety & with the help of our amazing friends–we will move even faster towards our vision!

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