An organization promoting infant and toddler water training courses.
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This site is a completely non-fee site; no advertising will be sold nor dues collected. This information should be in the hands of every person in the care of our precious children. Float 4 Life was created by the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation to provide information to parents, businesses and organizations about early childhood water training programs.

We sincerely believe that early water training skills should be taught to all children who are in a water rich environment. We understand that these classes are not designed to replace constant adult supervision of children when around water and they are only the first step in the future education of “swimming” lessons for children as they grow older. We do not recommend a specific class or teaching technique over another at this time but recommend that all parents do their homework work when selecting one of these classes. Visit the classes, get references, be comfortable in the decision in which class you select for your child.

We believe if Joshua would have had this training he would be with us today. Just the simple skill of knowing to hold your breath and to grab for the side of the pools edge if you fall in the water is a priceless skill that all children should have.
We welcome all businesses and organizations to submit their contact information for our directory so that parents in your area can find you. A message board area is being created in order for parents and businesses to collaborate with each other. We encourage all to help in gaining knowledge and sharing important information.

Let’s remove DROWNING from it’s high statistical perch through education and training.

We do require registration in order to list your business or organization and will review all messages before posting.

Our hope is that early childhood water training becomes the norm and not the exception!

For more information about the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation please visit www.joshuamemorial.org and to learn about our other educational materials please feel free to visit www.joshtheotter.org.

Thank you,
Blake Collingsworth
(Josh’s Dad Forever)